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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Analysis of age-structured malaria transmission modelAddawe, Joel M.; Lope, Jose Ernie C.
2014-10-12Antioxidant potentials of culturable endophytic yeasts from Phragmites australis Cav. (Trin) ex Steud. from copper-contaminated mining site in Mankayan, BenguetHipol, Roland M.
2017-08-27Stability and Bifurcation Analysis of Three-Species Predator-Prey Model with Non-monotonic Delayed Predator ResponseBalilo, Aldrin T.; Collera, Juancho A.
2017-08-20Dynamics of a Stage-Structured Intraguild Predation ModelCollera, Juancho A.; Magpantay, Felicia Maria G.
2017-03Highly efficient photocatalysis by partially reduced graphene oxide (prGO) – zinc oxide composite synthesized via one-pot room-temperature chemical deposition methodAgulo, Ian Jasper A.; Ngaloy, Roselle T.; Fontanilla, Aixeen M.; Soriano, Ma. Rebecca; Matsushita, Yoshitaka; Pascua, Chelo S.
2013-11-01On the First-Order Shape Derivative of the Kohn-Vogelius Cost Functional of the Bernoulli ProblemBacani, Jerico B.; Peichl, Gunther
2014-07-29On the Shape Gradient and Shape Hessian of a Shape Functional Subject to Dirichlet and Robin ConditionsBacani, Jerico B.
2014-09-26The Second-Order Shape Derivative of Kohn–Vogelius-Type Cost Functional Using the Boundary Differentiation ApproachBacani, Jerico B.; Peichl, Gunther
2018-08Shape Optimization Approach to the Bernoulli ProblemRabago, Julius Fergy T.; Bacani, Jerico B.
2014Another Class of Admissible Perturbations of Special ExpressionsBacani, Jerico B.